Sunday, May 13, 2012

Frog feedback

Hi guys, here's feedback I'd like to address for our animations, technically it's all working but there's something that we could improve. It's the layout.
The frog is whether crossing the top and/or bottom border or getting too close to it. I used a field guide to help me but I did get a little too close to the bottom right corner, crossing the safe action area. For Boato we loose some of the landing and for David there's a little bit of leg touching the top border, not much but enough to get the attention going.
Fortunately for us it's a minor tweak, I can share my field guide in .png file for next time if you want, it's a 1280 x 720 but you can scale it for 1080p or smaller without quality loss.
You can right click on the thumbnail below and save it, you won't see it if you open the link, it's transparent.

Hope it helps guys.

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