Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Frog Test


  1. Oi!
    Love it, timing and poses are spot one, good job with the coloring and clean up, that's hardcore ;)

    My only thing is that keyframing on "ones" everything looks a little weird, it makes the line jitters when there's little or no motion. On my assignment I was lazy to inbetween on ones so I used some shortcuts, you did really great on the inbetween/clean up with that extra difficulty.
    Look forward to see the next assignment.

  2. I totaly agree man! Fuck Richard Williams, I like to animate at Two's like the nine old man hahaha, this was too painfull :)

  3. don't talk bad to uncle Richie. :(
    the color and clean up looks cool.
    the next one gonna be mission impossible to do for me (drawing batman is so hard)